Decorating This Holiday Season With Your Six Senses

By Suraphong A Liengboonlertchai; Interior designer and owner of Simplicity Décor. Originally wrote for Kirkland.Patch

NOW THANKSGIVING is behind us, it is time to put up the Christmas tree, deck out your mantel and hang those ornaments. But before you do all these, let me remind you of how you can create a stunning holiday decor with a simple plan using all of your senses. 

  • Sight: Use colors to create a theme for your holiday decoration. It could be red and green for the traditional Christmas or go funky like pink, turquoise or lime green for more retro looks. You also may use the unique shape and looks to set the tone of your décor, like unusual round colored glass balls.

    non traditional holiday decoration


  • Hearing: Music always plays a big role to any occasion, including the holidays. Pick a soothing song to relax and unwind or a more upbeat album to bring up the energy level of yourself and your guests. Make sure that music is not too loud so you and your guests don’t have to scream to each other when you want to have a conversation!
  • Touch: Use texture to engage your guests like a soft Alpecca blanket and pillows, or a set of three white feather trees that make you want to run your hands through them.

    Use texture to create a cozy feel

  • Taste: Fruits not only can be use as ingredients for your holidays feast or dessert, but also can be used beautifully as part of your holiday décor or to create a stunting centerpiece.

    Use Fruit, Candy or unusual ingredients to create mouth-watering decorating effects

  • Smell: Mix real and artificial branches together to make a longer lasting setting for your dining table and add real pine scent to your dining room. Better yet, add the undeniably popular Frasier Fir scent to surprise your guests. They come in many forms that will surely meet your needs from candle, diffuser, lotion, room spray, etc. I suggest to use this sense of decoration in living/family room, common area and especially bathroom and leave your dining room with the scent of your holiday feast.

    Fraiser Fir scented collection

  • Gut: The most powerful sense of all is to trust your instinct, your own gut! Remember, this is your party, your home, your masterpiece decoration. Try to be yourself and enjoy your own party as well. Do your best and enjoy this holiday season!

So I hope you find JOY when you decorate this season. If you would like to learn more about me, Simplicity Decor, our products and services please feel free to contact us or call 425-803-0386.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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