Love is in the air, and in the building at Simplicity Decor.

I’ve loved Valentine’s Days since I was little.  It was always very special to wake up and run to the dining room table to find it decorated in red and pink, with a special surprise at each of mine and my sister’s seats.  I still enjoy all of the colorful decor, and what’s more special than a little token to let you know someone is thinking about you?  Please read about our favorite staff choices for all the loved ones in your life!

I couldn’t choose just ONE favorite item for your Valentine, so here’s a few that are all $10.00 and less!  The first is a solar powered heart with wings that flutter up and down when it’s in sunlight.  These sweet little hearts don’t require a battery so they’re great for the young and old!  There is also a stick on pad so you could put it right on your dashboard.  The mini glittered candles are tiny and blingy- a perfect addition to your sweets for your sweets!  My final selection are the heart shaped bling rings.  They’ve been a huge hit, and there aren’t many left, so get yours now!


My Valentines Day pick for someone you love is the 2 Book by Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada.  It’s an inspirational book to laugh together, plan together and grow together!  This is a book about creating something beautiful together!  If you
have found love, the 2 Book is a wonderful way to celebrate it and makes for a perfect Valentines gift!  Stop in to see what other fun & exciting things we have for Valentines Day!  Another great idea for your sweetheart is a Simplicity Décor gift card along with your memorable and inspirational book!


My pick for Valentines is this new heart-shaped handbag holder! It stores away easily in your purse as an elegant heart shape, and then twists open to hang on the edge of a surface when you need somewhere to put your bag! So handy for those times when you’re out to dinner and there’s no where to put your purse, or when there’s no hook in the restroom… No one likes to put their purse on the floor, or try to hold it in their lap during dinner. Such a cute, and useful little gift for someone you love this Valentines Day!

– Shelby

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