Let’s Fill Up Those Bare Walls!

Artwork is a great source of inspiration when starting to decorate a room!  Use it as a focal point, and build your room around it, or add a piece for an extra point of interest to a room that needs a little face lift!  These are our staff’s favorites, but we have much more in the store, and online!

I love these resin key holes!  The key holes vary in size from 8″ round to 6″ x 13″.  I like the flexability of these, because I’m always changing things around in my house.  Hang them all together in one spot to create a little drama, split them up and fill in some smaller walls, or add them to a photo collage for some fun!  These are sold separately, so buy one or buy them all!


Do you want to add some fun to your place and don’t know how? These wooden box signs will help you say what you mean, with humor and style! I really love the signs that we have. Each box stands by itself or can hang on the wall to make the perfect wall décor. The signs come in different colors and sizes, with many to choose from!  You can also get the photo-frame sign box which is great for a photo display. Use these signs in an office, nursery, or a living room. If you are looking for something special for your beloved ones on any occasion, this sign box will take care of that.


I have always been fond of art that makes me smile. These canvas cow paintings do just that.  I am not alone in my amusement with these paintings, as I often hear customers chuckle and smile as they see them when shopping. They have a natural burlap edge and fit in with rustic and modern decor. This piece is a fun addition to any room. Come in and try not to smile when you look at this painting!


We’ve got a lot of fun art pieces in right now, but one of my favorites is this canvas wall print of the old man with all his birds and cages. I like the balance of bright and faded colors, and visual texture in this piece. Anything with birds is really in right now, and I like that this is a little more unique in content. It’s a great piece if you’re looking to add some color and texture to a space, but don’t want something too bold.


One of the things I love about art is how it allows you to escape to another place for a moment or two. That’s exactly what happens when I look at these paintings of colorful trees. They remind me of my Grandparent’s orchard at all times of the year and all of a sudden I’m a little girl again steering the tractor on my Grandfather’s lap.
Trees are so soothing and remind us to take a moment to breath amongst the chaos of life.  They are available now and can bring you the feeling of peace tomorrow.  Each of them are 27 ½” x 27 ½ and are beautiful as a set or by themselves.


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