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Show your mom she’s special with one of our great staff picks!  Remember, we’re always more than happy to gift wrap any of your purchases!

I used to always get my mom framed pictures of my sisters and I for Mother’s Day but a few years ago I decided that I’d change things up a bit and get her something a little more useful. My mom loves to cook and I thought why not get her something that can make her time in the kitchen more efficient and fun! Simplicity Decor has a great selection of accessories for the kitchen including cutting boards, mixing bowls, timers, and Magic Soap that gets those stubborn odors (onion and garlic) out of your hands. Now when my mom is whipping up a casserole or a batch of cookies she can think of me when the timer goes off, and then invite me over to eat them.


There are plenty of things here at Simplicity Decor I know my mom would enjoy. One thing she already enjoys is the Kati cup tea brewing system! She keeps hers at work, and loves the cute design, and the fact that she can use it to brew tea, or just as a mug for coffee.  It’s dishwasher and microwave safe so it’s convenient to use as well. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift paired with some of our Tea Forte teas.

Another item I think she would appreciate is the “Take a Walk” book – 110 walks within 30 minutes of Seattle. My mom loves to run/walk/hike and try new trails, and after participating in the Seattle 3-Day 60 Mile Walk for the Cure, she’s pointed out a lot of places they walked around Seattle during that experience. It would be a fun gift idea and something we could do together when she’s visiting! I love my time with her, and like many mothers and daughters, we enjoy going on walks together to catch up and check out new places.


It seems that moms are constantly running out of space for things- I know my mom is always searching for something at the bottom of her purse because she just doesn’t have enough pockets for all her stuff. The baggallini purse line is perfect for woman with lots of “stuff” because there is a pocket virtually for everything you need to carry at all times. The line was designed by flight attendants with function and fashion in mind. All of the purses are durable, lightweight and water resistant. I know what I’m getting my mom for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


Everyone has a no-fail gift that will always please them, a safe bet for gift giving. For my mom, that gift is a scarf. She has a large collection of colors and textures, but treasures each one equally. We have a great selection of scarves in store right now, especially light weight varieties that are great for spring and summer! At our affordable prices, you can add a special scarf to another gift and have Mom glowing with excitement!!


I always remember myself as a kid giving my mom a rose on Mother’s day. Yes, and I always wished the rose would stay alive longer so my mom could enjoy it even more. That’s why I have fallen in love with these everlasting lighted flowers that we have in the store. It’s perfect for a Mother’s day gift because she can put them anywhere in the house to add an accent light, and they will stay forever. Each set includes 3 branches, each 31 inches in length. The lighted branches look great alone or mixed in with other arrangements. Come and check them out because these lighted flowers will make a special Mother’s day gift full of love. Happy mother’s day to all moms!


Our favorite local publisher has lots of great books for your mom, a perfect gift for those who have a hard time coming up with the right words on their own.  Write your own special message inside to make it really unique!  My favorite book of all is “MY MOM”, which has a series of questions for your mom to fill out.  When you have them in writing you’ll never forget all of the special memores you’d like to pass on to your children one day.


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