It’s 5th Saturday Savings Time Again- Learn how to get 20% off Your Purchase!

Our always-popular 5th Saturday Savings event is coming up on June 30th.  Bring in your reusable Simplicity Decor 5th Saturday Bag, or buy on Saturday.  Bring it in on the 5th Saturday of every month that has one (June, September, & December 2012) .  This is a great way to stock up and save on all of those little items you’ve been eyeing for yourself, or would like to give as gifts.  Some of the most popular items people use their bags on are GurglePots, candles, cards, and pillows.  Read further to see some of our staff picks, and let us know what you’ll be putting in your bag!

My husband is what I like to call a “gear guy,” he love anything techie or gadgety so I’m super excited that come this Saturday I’ll be able to stock up on all the items he’d love. You too can get in on this deal because this Saturday is one of our 5th Saturdays, and with our special bag20% off bag you can fill it full of techie, or gadgety stuff too. Here’s what I’ll be stocking mine with.

USB Hubdog/Boat – These USB ports are functional AND Cool tohave on your desk, a definite plus.

Head massager – The most amazing head massage you’ve ever experienced. You may as well stock up on these little goodies for Christmas Stockings

Icushion – a bumper for the back of your smart phone so you can watch videos hands free

Hedgehog dryer balls – No need for static sheets or chemicals in your dryer anymore, these spiny little gadgets agitate the clothes leaving them soft and static free.

See you Saturday 🙂 – Amelia

Lately the weather around here is more reminiscent of our unpredictable spring and autumn seasons. I wish summer would arrive and stick around a couple months instead of just dropping by for an afternoon visit!  Luckily at Simplicity Decor we just received some amazing hats from San Diego Hat Company that will help you through the rain and shine. There are many adorable and fashionable styles to choose from and all are high quality so they’ll last through many unpredictable Junes. The best part… they’ll fit in the 5th Saturday Savings Bag and you can get 20% off! With all the rain we’ve been having, I’ve got my eye on this adorable yellow and white striped Bucket Rain Hat. It rolls up and then with a shake bounces back to its original form,which is great for packing and the upcoming 5th Saturday Savings Event. Bring your friends and have a hat fashion show!


Summer is a great time for many of us to do some traveling,and whether it’s a little road trip with the family or an over-seas adventure,we are always looking for ways to make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible. As I’m preparing to study abroad this summer, I’ve been on the look-out for gadgets that will help make traveling a little easier. We’ve got some handy little items in right now to help you stay organized and on top of things wherever you go. My bag would be filling up with these…

Rechargeable back-up batteries for your iPhone – These are great to have on hand just in case you can’t get to a charger, and they come in several cute designs.

These fold-up purse hangers with a mirror are also a great thing to have, so when you’re out to eat, waiting for a flight, or even in the bathroom you can keep your purse clean and dry by hanging it off the ground.They conveniently fold up and can attach to your key chain when not in use.

These universal travel adapters work in over 150 countries,and also come in several fun color options.

And don’t forget about your ID… cute identity cases protect your license, cards, and cash in a perfect fit that won’t take up space.

We’ve got plenty more fun gadgets to fill your re-usable bagwith, and a lot of them make great gifts as well, so now’s the time to stock up with 20% off!


One of the best things about the 5th Saturday Savings bag is that you can fill it with brand new items AND get 20% off of them! My favorite new line is Joseph Joseph kitchen gear. The products are colorful, stylish and technologically innovative. Every item is unique and serves an additional purpose to the regular kitchen counterpart. The colander and grater are both collapsible so you can easily fit them in the cupboard. The measuring spoon is magnetic so you don’t have to spend time searching in the drawer, but it can hold up your grocery list on the fridge! Each product is different than anything you would find in an ordinary kitchen, so they are perfect gifts and conversation pieces while you are preparing for your next party! Don’t miss the opportunity to get20% off these treasures!


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