Simplicity ABC will host Rebecca Michi’s first Eastside Dropin Q&A session


Simplicity ABC is excited for the return of Rebecca Michi – Parenting Consultant.

In June, Simplicity ABC was the host of fifteen tired moms and sleep expert Rebecca Michi. Rebecca spoke to the group on the topic of getting their infant children to sleep better.

She was so popular and her advice was so great that we asked if she would become a regular fixture at ABC, and she agreed!

Starting in August, Simplicity ABC will host Rebecca’s first Eastside Dropin Q&A session. She will be here to answer any sleep questions you have, and all sessions are FREE!

Her first session will be August 9th from 10-11am. This is a Q&A session only, there will not be any specific topics covered except the ones YOU bring.

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Michi is a Seattle based Children’s Sleep Consultant who works with families all over the globe. “Sleep is a basic human need that enables us to function properly and live happy and healthy lives” says Michi, “I truly believe that sleep deprivation is tortuous and can impact your happiness, relationships and performances. I am passionate about helping children and their parents build healthy habits so they can finally get some sleep. By transforming drama into dreamland, my mission is to give exhausted parents and children a good night sleep.” Learn more about her at

 Drop in any time within the hour to have your burning sleep questions answered.

 Drop-in Q&A Sessions coming up 

August 9th 10 -11am

September 13th 10 – 11am

October 11th 10-11am

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