Uncork and Unwind!

With Kirkland Uncorked Friday  7/20-Sunday 7/22 we decided to show you are favorite wine accessories.  Cheers!



Kirkland Uncorked is just around the corner and everyone   to have a great time enjoying the food, art and of course the wine. I’m not a big wine drinker myself but I love all the great wine accessories we have at Simplicity Decor, especially the wine bottle racks. My favorite is this clear acrylic wine rack. It’s cool and modern and displays 6 wine bottles beautifully. It is made of acrylic, it’s durable, and has the appearance of glass. I think this would look great on a beverage table next to all the wine glasseswith a few candles to create some sparkle.


Simplicity Decor has everything you need for Uncorked weekend and wine drinking this year!  As I browsed through our many wine related items, I stumbled upon several styles of wine decanters and thought I should do a little research to figure out why you should decant wine! Wine decanters were originally used for wines with a lot of sediment. The wine making process has improved so there is very little to no sediment in today’s wine.  However, decanters are still useful for aerating the wine. The action of decanting itself, and the large surface area in contact with the air in the decanter, alters the wine,softening its youthful bite and encouraging the development of the more complex aromas that normally develop with years in bottle. Therefore, all wines expensive or inexpensive, red or white, aged or young, can benefit for the use of decanters! We have two styles of decanters, one for at home and one GoVino for picnics or outdoor events!


I love bringing whimsical things into my house and this 10inch tall cast iron frog wine holder would be the perfect item for a gathering.  I bet it would spark conversation and a little laughter. To go with this rustic look, I would use these great wine stoppers that are made with real sea rocks gathered from all over New England. You can find both of these items at our store right now and bring them out for your very own “Uncorked” event.


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