May You Live A Life You Love…7 New Year wishes for you!

As I take a moment to look back into year 2012, there were so many wonderful things happened so as many challenges. Most powerful thing that kept me moving forward is the support and love of people around me. Friends, Family, Loyal Customers or even Strangers that I just met but most of all, my partner Doug who believe in me and what I am doing.

May you have happy memories

I Thank God for allowing me to do what I love…serving people. But I was not always be on the top of my game, as everyone else, I felt down sometime. Often time, I found my strength from prayers but sometime from surrounded myself with positive people, quotes or books. This show out as variety of products I seek and carry at both Simplicity Decor and Simplicity ABC.

May you learn to recognize

My recently favorite is a brand new Compendium book called ” May You Live A Life You Love”. Every page I turned, gave me strength, hope and positive energy to face any curve balls that might be coming my way. So I hope you find its miracle as I did and if you would like to own ones or give some as gifts, please call us at 425-803-3086 or click here to order them.

May you live a life you love

Now, here are my wishes to you…

May you heal past hurts and embrace new chang

We can’t change the past but… May you heal past hurts and embrace new chances….

stare down your fear and overcome them


Fears often times paralyze us from moving toward our dream…May you stare down your fears to understand them and overcome them…

Live the life you imagine


We live ONLY ONCE…May your live the kind of life you imagine for yourself…

Show yourself deep kindness


We can’t give what we don’t have …May you learn how to show yourself deep kindness…

Love More


One thing that we can’t do it enough…May you Love More and worry less…

world is on your side

For some, this world may be too unfamiliar, too cruel or unfair but… May you find that this world is smaller than you thought, kinder than you knew and often on your side…

Cultivate deep gratitude


And sometime with what happening in front of us…May your cultivate deep gratitude for all the joys the world offers…

find reason to laugh


As the wise man said ” Laugh is the best medicine” …May you always find reasons to Laugh…

For this coming NEW YEAR, May you find your life filled with every good thing – epic challenges, deep joy, great accomplishments and plenty of silliness, patience, courage and adventure. May you find yourself surprised, humbled, and honored at the gifts that come your way. may you find yourself, every moment of everyday, living a Life You Love.

Love Much,

“A” and Team at Simplicity Decor & Simplicity ABC

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2 Responses to “May You Live A Life You Love…7 New Year wishes for you!”

  1. Chris Reply

    I hope you have “A” very happy new year in 2013. And knowing that all that we give and share is a reflection of who we are… may your wishes for all of us in your extended community be yours as well.

    I gave this wonderful book to my very positive daughter at Christmas, knowing she knows it all and that the colorful, beautiful words are refreshing reminders whenever we read them… each puts a smile on the face of the reader. It is healthy to be reminded of the good we know and that is within each of us.

    Thanks for spreading the love in your very warm and generous manner.
    Best to you and yours, Chris Mochel

    • A Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. it is so true that each pages of this book put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. That is main reason why i decided to share with you and everyone.

      Once again, Thanks for all your support and friendship.

      “A” and Team @ Simplicity Decor and Simplicity ABC

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