The Simplicity Team Favorites!

With so many new fun additions to the store, we wanted to simplify your holiday shopping experience by sharing our own personal favorites.


Sales Associate at Simplicity Decor: Megan 

There’s nothing quite like curling up with a nice cup of tea on a cold Winter’s day. That’s why my favorite gift for everyone this holiday season is this fun Camper Van Mug and a couple of bags of the Tea Forte Winter Spice Teas; my favorite blends are the Harvest Apple Spice and Sweet Ginger Plum.

 A fun way to package this gift is taking the mug out of the box, putting the small boxes of tea in the mug, and wrapping it up in Cellophane and tying it with a decorative ribbon. It’s fun, easy, and a gift everyone will love!

Manager & Sales Associate at Simplicity Decor: Brooke 

My favorite gifts to give during the holiday season are the products form Thymes’ Frasier Fir Collection.  The scent is a perfect mix between masculine and feminine- not too sweet, not too woodsy.  With products including candles, diffusers, soaps, and even cleaners there is something for everyone.  Of course, the candles are always the most popular seller, but don’t forget the other items, especially for the elderly you’re shopping for.  Candles are often discouraged in retirement communities, but they can benefit from a wonderful holiday diffuser, or soap and lotion set!

My favorite items in the line this year are the candle tin and pine cone diffuser in newly designed packaging, that doesn’t even need wrapping!  Let us tie a bow around it, and it’s ready to go!

Sales Associate at Simplicity Decor: Shelby

When I was younger, my mom had a quote by Emerson hanging on her office wall about success. Last week I came across a Quotable card with that same quote, so I got it to send to her for her birthday… She is now “keeping it on display as a constant reminder of all those good words!” 

Our variety of Quotable products make great gifts that fit a range of budgets and receivers this holiday season! Need something for a co-worker? A simple card and frame, or mug, make a great little gift. Looking for a hostess gift? Pick out a candle with your favorite quote for something thoughtful. And for someone with a new place, or office, the Quotable canvases make an inspirational addition to any wall! I love these products because whether you’re looking for something funny, thoughtful, or inspirational, with so many quotes to choose from you’re sure to find something meaningful to give, no matter how big or small.
Sales Associate at Simplicity ABC: Lucianna 

“My favorite “Learn” toy is the “Master Kitz, The Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh”. This reusable artist’s toolbox includes custom paint colors, quality oil pastels, a custom Van Gogh roller, and more. Children can learn about master painters and deepen their understandings of art by exploring and creating their own interpretations of this masterpiece. It is a fun and unique way to cultivate learning! ”

Sales Associate at Simplicity ABC: Tena

Stacking Blocks have to be my favorite item, not only do they help your child learn but they are also a basic and entertaining toy in any home. My son spent hours diligently stacking the blocks and then knocking them over.  They are great teaching tools.  Young children learn best through movement and play!  What better way to teach shapes, size/measurements, and balance than through stacking blocks.

Sales Associate at Simplicity ABC: Sophie Michele

This item acts as a modern version of Badmittin which I’ve loved playing even as a little girl. It’s light weight, water resistant, soft, safe and can be a blast to play inside with your friends, siblings and other family members or bring it with you outdoors to places like the Kirkland waterfront, Greenlake etc. Becuase this is a toy your child can grow into while learning to play as a team makes this one of my favorite unique items in our store!

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