"A" from Simplicity DecorSimplicity Decor didn’t happen overnight, but has been a dream of mine for many years. Even when I was a young child in Thailand, I loved to look at interior design and architectural magazines.

Later, I loved to play with color and decorate my home. But I didn’t know whether I could ever translate that love into a career. To make a long story short, after law school and pursuing a career in law for many years, I realized I needed to pursue my true love.

I applied for a scholarship to come to the United States to study Theology and make my dream come true. And after receiving another Bachelor’s degree, I worked with Crate & Barrel until I was ready to take the leap and begin my own business.

On February 10th, 2006 my dream came true. I opened Simplicity Décor, where “East meets West Meets Simple.”

Why ‘Simplicity’?

I’ve loved that word and what it stands for since I first began speaking English. To me, simplicity is the key to a happy life. Take for example my name: “A.” Or perhaps my brother “B,” or my youngest brother “C”. There’s no doubt my mother knew the art of keeping life simple.

I want Simplicity Décor to be a place where we find that we don’t need a lot to make our lives beautiful and our homes welcoming. Here, you will find unique pieces of furniture and home accents displayed in a comfortable setting, and at reasonable prices. Or perhaps you’ll find a great gift idea for that special person in your life.

Thank you for your time and for all of the warm welcomes I’ve received since opening my door. And thank you for visiting SimplicityDecor.com. I look forward to seeing you at the store very soon!

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