Beach inspired Living Room

– Using this room for reading, need extra lighting.
– Need seating for four people.
– Pet friendly materials.
– Inspired by the Vase she has.

– Client want the space to has a beach inspired feel.
– Want cozy, inviting, airy, and breathable room.
– Want to see more colors.

How we achieved that?
– Use the color and shape of her vase as an inspiration so we chose gray, blue-green as a main color.
– Open up the room by replacing the rectangular coffee table with smaller rounded coffee table.
– Replace her old couch and loveseat with a sofa and chase, also add a smaller chair at the corner by the window as she love to sit and enjoy her morning by the window.
– Create a focal wall by painting one wall with gray tone color and tight in with blue-green rug to create a beachy and cozy feel.
– Add another layer and richness into the room by using draperies in the blue-green color tones.
– Add floor and table lamps on each side of seating to create a romance plus serve the practicality for reading.

Let’s us know what you think about this project by simply email us or if you need our professional help in your interior needs please don’t hesitate to contact us as well. We are here to help you!