Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party

Not Your Mom's Dinner Party

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You gotta have Not Your Mom’s Dinner Party cube.

There’s the dinner party that your mom would throw, and then there’s YOUR kind of dinner party. These provocative questions are guaranteed to get your party started with conversations as spicy as the food you serve.

If you’re not the chef, it’s a perfect host or hostess gift too!

No more boring dinner parties or uncomfortable moments with these ice breakers. This set of conversation starters is filled with questions your mother told you not to ask, but you just can’t resist asking them anyway. For ages 21 and up 135 Question Cards

Would you rather be addicted to gambling or food?
What habit would you like to break?
What alcohol can you never drink again?


4.000″ x 4.000″ x 4.000″
2 lbs
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