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Simplicity Decor

Simplicity Décor is my all time favorite store. Being a shopaholic, that says a lot. I can always find a gift for my friends who have everything. A, the owner, not only has excellent taste and outstanding customer service, he is honest, talented and positive. A is a good person. He is currently helping a girlfriend of mine decorate her new townhouse. The transformation is amazing. I am a local school teacher and I appreciate how A has generously supported our children. The bottom line is A has excellent style and he is extremely talented. My friends and I all appreciate him sharing all his natural gifts with us.
Lori Jensen, Kirkland, WA

Lori Jensen

I have shopped at Simplicity Decor since they first opened their doors. It is always such a pleasure to see all the new and exciting things. I always buy my girlfriends Christmas present here as I know I will find something unique and different and she has loved every one. I drive all the way from Kent just to have the experience. Keep up the good work and know you are appreciated.

Linda Peterson

“A, the owner, is one of the nicest people in the world – and there’s a wonderful, fun selection of gifts and furniture and cool stuff to appeal to all kinds of people. A must-visit place in Kirkland.”

Linda M., Kirkland, WA

“A great gift shop! The selection is amazing, beautiful furnishings for the home, sweetest things for kids, cutest items for pets, great jewelry and fun things for men … you name it. “A” thinks of everyone…and the way he treats you when you visit his shop … a true Gift.”

Pillar C., Bellevue, WA

“If you are looking for a unique gift or something for yourself, SD can always fit the bill. It´s nice to support a local business that continually gives back to the community. A is one of the nicest people on the planet and has great ideas to help with decorating and color selection.”

Scott S., Bothell, WA

“A fantastic range of great home decor products and the owner ‘A’ does so much for the local community (did you know he gave out free water to anyone passing his store on the hottest days of the year? and donates 10% of his profits to charity every year?) – we love it!”

Rob B., Kirkland, WA

“I love this shop for so many reasons. The products are interesting, fun and reasonably priced. The staffs are always friendly and willing. Most importantly, I appreciate the many ways they support the community and charities through customer purchases and their own events. I rarely go to neighborhood boutique stores, but this is one I make a point of visiting whenever I can.”

Marie J., Kirkland, WA

“I just moved to Kirkland from the East Coast and in my wanderings happened upon your store today. The strangest thing happened. I fell in love with everything I saw. I bought two throw pillows that snowballed into inspiration for my entire bedroom theme. You will definitely be seeing more of me!”

Laura M., Kirkland, WA

“Simplicity Decor is a wonderful store, but what makes this one extra special is A. From our first visit to the store, my husband and I were amazed at A’s customer service. Now we’re long-time customers. He knows us, our family … and he always knows the perfect gift for each person. He is probably the most generous person I know. Visiting his store is a memorable experience, and A is unforgettable!”

Angie D., Redmond, WA

“I am amazed at how, whenever you step into Simplicity Décor, good energy flows all around you – and even more so when A is in the house! A’s product choices make you want to create a home that is just as inviting as his store, because it makes you feel so good.

No welcome sign is needed, because A will always greet you with a warm and genuine smile, no matter what his personal circumstances may be. As a customer, I know I am always welcome.

A is the kind of individual we all strive to be … Simplicity Décor is not just about him making a profit, but also about sharing his successes as displayed by the way he so generously gives back to communities, local and afar.”

Pat W., Redmond, WA